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Semweb SRL

Founded 2019 in Milan
Successor of Semweb LLC – founded 2007 in CH-8700 Küsnacht.

Semantic Web Technologies – Graphs and Reasoning
Software Development – ICT Consulting – Project Management

Semweb represents the activities, achievements and experiences of its proprietor Fabio Ricci, computer scientist (at the Dortmund Technical University) with additional training and appropriate partners.
Fabio Ricci has successfully implemented software projects in research and in industry, at home and abroad, since 1990.
Fabio Ricci is a university lecturer and entrepreneur.
Geographical reach: Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, France
Communication languages: DE, EN, IT, FR, (ES)

We are specialistsin the fields of:

  • Semantic Web
  • Linked Open Data
  • Thesaurus Management
  • Semantic Publishing
  • Web Mining
  • Document Lifecycle
  • Document Management
  • Records Management

as well as generalist, combining the versatile and practical experience of a senior software engineer with the creativity and passion of a dynamic scientist.


Programming languages AJAX, J2EE, PERL, PHP, HTML, VRML, C/C++,XML, RDF, SOAP, Pascal, LISP, PROLOG
Collaborative technologies / Web technologies WEB3.0 (Semantic Web, RDF, OWL, SHACL), SKOS Shuttle, PoolParty (Thesaurus Management), Protégé (Ontology Management), DERI Pipes, Records Management, Document Management
Data Mining Tools Blazegraph, GraphDB, Stardog, Virtuoso, Lucene, SOLR
GUI Builders QT 3.4.4, X11, .NET, Eclipse, Websphere, phpStorm
Operating systems Windows (Server2003, XP, 7),
VMS (OpenVMS),
X-Windows (Irix 6.3),
Unix (BSD4.3, System V, Solaris, Ultrix, Irix ),
Unix Scripting (sh, csh, ksh, zsh),
z/OS – (interfacing from Unix/Windows for document transfer)
Application Servers Silverstream, Websphere, JBOSS – Basic knowledge
CRM systems Applix (use and customising), Maximizer (use)
Data base systems Oracle, mySQL, ACCESS
Enterprise Directory Systems LDAP / Softerra
Documental Systems Livelink Content Server Enterprise Edition,
CQ5 – Adobe Web Authoring System
Archiving Systems
SAP-ArchiveLink, VDRNet4.2
Virtual World Authoring Tools CosmoWorlds, Medit, Clarus CAD, OpenInventor
CAD/DMU Tools Tecoplan’s Virtual WorkshopCATIA V4 – Faces and SolidsCATIA V5 – GUI and automation interface DMU-Navigator
Teraport DMUTools